SHERRY JOHNS - Celebrating : Yoga for All, Women's Voices, and Local History
Sherry Johns Publishing

"One of the most valuable things we can do to heal
one another is to listen to each others stories."
(found inside a Chinese fortune cookie)

        In 2013, I established my own publishing company. I publish my own books as well as publishing Women's Personal Memoirs and Family History. I believe all women have stories to tell and I'm especially drawn to the lives of older women so I can help them tell their stories.
         I offer layout, editing, cover design, and photo scanning services. My rates are reasonable. No size is too small or too large.
        To date I have published two private memoirs and am working on a third one. If you would like more information and references, please contact me. I would love to work with to publish your work.

719-372-6729/ 719-371-0405

"She showed me the nooks and crannies of her memory."

Joy Schalaben Lewis

"Memory is a complicated thing,
a relative to the truth. but not
it's own."

Barbara Kingsolver

"Writing truth heals the heart."
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