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About me

    I believe yoga is perfect for EVERY body, EVERY age, EVERY size and EVERY ability. It's not a competitive sport nor is it an athletic competition. YOGA means connection - mind, body and spirit. And that's what happens when you step onto your mat. You begin to connect with yourself, ALL of yourself, in a profound way.
    My yoga classes are a soothing blend of beginning and gentle poses (asanas) in a fun vinyasa (flow) designed to introduce you to the vibrant world of YOGA. I guide my students into various poses, using blankets, foam blocks and straps for support. I also use modifications for poses, designed to work with YOUR body.
       I am also a trauma informed yoga teacher, which means that I am aware of how trauma affects the body and how to  work with students who have experienced trauma in their lives. Often trauma/traumatic memories and emotions release during body work, such as yoga, which is a good thing. I help students work through the poses as they deal with the trauma.

I am a Certified "YOGA for ALL" teacher which means I include body positivity and inclusivity in my yoga classes. I work with people in larger bodies to ensure the yoga poses fit their body, using modifications and props.

I am a graduate of the Yoga Teacher Training program at Pranava Yoga Center in Colorado springs, CO, and am now a Registered Yoga Teacher - RYT 200 - through Yoga Alliance.

My 200 hour training included anatomy and physiology, yoga history and philosophy; learning, practicing, and teaching yoga poses (asanas), as well as being introduced to many types of yoga such as Baptiste, Iyengar, Anjahli/Restorative, Hatha, Kundalini, and more. I also studied (and practiced) meditation, the Eight Limbs of Yoga, Musical Meditation, mantras and chanting, along with the Yoga Teacher Code of Ethics, conscious eating, Sanskrit, sequencing of poses, and assisting & adjusting students in addition to learning how to modify many poses.

       I chose the name "SKYE BLUE YOGA"from the island of Skye,off the coast of Scotland. My yoga classes are an island, a refuge, a safe place, where my students feel welcome, peaceful and supported.
       Yoga has many healthful benefits for the body, mind and heart and I am delighted to share yoga with my students.

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