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"The Early History of Penrose"
"Forgotten Female Felons"

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My Newest Book

"Down Memory Lane with the Beaver Creek Folks"

$9.95 - 140 pages with dozens of photos of the Beaver Creek area of Fremont County, CO.

    Years ago I was given a hand-typed copy of Della Goode's memoir. She grew up on Beaver Creek with her family in the early 1900s and detailed many of the people and events on Beaver Creek. I was thrilled to find descriptions of "old Uncle Tommy Stuart" and of the beautiful and well-kept Kelley home.
     Three years ago I met Della's grand-daughter, Bev Douglas. She came to Colorado and together we explored Beaver Creek, where her grandparents lived. Last year, I felt inspired to ask Bev if I could publish Della's memoirs and she said "certainly!" And another adventure began.
     Bev's son, Ryan, Della's great grandson, designed the front and back covers, while I provided the back cover photos and text. I re-typed Della's memoir and inserted dozens of my photos of the Beaver Creek people and places. Bev sent family information and more photos and just before Christmas 2012, Della's book was born.
     Richard Lane was an integral part of Della's book as he scanned and tweaked numerous old photos as well as provided much needed editing and feedback. He is a masterful photo-editor and a dear friend.
     "Della Goode Lancaster grew up on the fertile banks of Beaver Creek, on the eastern edge of Fremont County, Colorado. Her home-spun memoir brings to life the hardy pioneers who settled there in the late 1800s. From old Uncle Tommy Stuart, whose neighbors tenderly cared for him as he died, to young Bettie McCurry, who was the first to be buried in the Callen Cemetery, Della weaves a colorful tapestry of the close-knit families who came to Colorado, seeking a better life. She details her happy schooldays at the tiny rock-built Glendale School and the disastrous flood of 1921, as well as Christmas programs, pie suppers and a Literary Society. Della’s prose captures the essence of growing up on the Colorado frontier."  
"If we did all the things we are capable of doing,
we would literally astound ourselves." 
Thomas Edison

      The first book I wrote"San Juan Bautista Cemetery" was a humbling experience. I had heard of the cemetery and once I visited there I was captivated. It's off the beaten path,less than a mile south of Florence, Colorado and is well maintained. I'm not Catholic or Mexican, but the numerous white crosses and the magnificent view of the mountains captivated me. I began gathering lists of names and information. Next I started attending the Cemetery Association meetings. They were a dedicated group who were delighted I was going to write about their cemetery. I am indebted to them for their support and generosity. The book was updated in December 2011, with the new edition ready for purchase February 2012. The price is $9.95.
     "In the early 1900’s the San Juan Bautista Cemetery was established southeast of Florence, Colorado, as a place for the Mexican Catholics to be buried. Some say this was because of prejudice on the part of non - Mexicans, while others say the Penitentes needed a place to bury their dead.
     Nearly four hundred people have been buried in San Juan Bautista, most of whom were Mexican, Catholic, infants, or who had no where else to be buried. Many of the graves are unmarked, with only a white cross to show that they were buried somewhere in the cemetery.
     Using numerous lists of names, standing tombstones, Church and mortuary records, obituaries, and with a lot of determination and research, Sherry Johns has compiled an exhaustive list of those who are buried in San Juan Bautista Cemetery, with its history, photos, and resources."

"Tell me what you plan to do with your one wild and precious life." 
Mary Oliver

My second book"The Forgotten Cemeteries of Beaver Creek"published in 2008, $14.95, was great fun. There are three cemeteries along the banks of Beaver Creek and I decided to research and write about each one. I logged many hours poring over a dozen lists, photographing each grave and trying to find out more about each person buried in these cemeteries. Richard Lane, who has family buried in Lower Beaver Cemetery, became my right hand man with his gift of taking just the right shot of the hundreds of graves. It has gone through three revisions, the last and final one was in 2010. I also offer a program on "The Forgotten Cemeteries of Beaver Creek." See"My Programs" page for more information.
   "In the early 1800s three cemeteries were established along the waters of Beaver Creek, near Penrose in Fremont County, Colorado. Though miles apart, each one was built on a hill with the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop and the clear rushing creek below.
   The three cemeteries, Upper Beaver, Middle Beaver, and Lower Beaver were the final resting place for many of the pioneer families who settled along Beaver Creek. Upper and Lower Beaver Creek cemeteries are still "active" meaning that burials still take place, while Middle Beaver is now inaccessible and inactive.
   These silent cemeteries cast their spell over Sherry Johns, who spent hours hiking, photodocumenting, and researching the people who are laid to rest in each one. Their stories will tug at your heart and invite you to explore these for gotten cemeteries. "
       "Figuring out who you are is the whole point of the human   
                                 experience."   Anna Quindlen
My third book Pioneer Women of Beaver Creekwas first published in April 2009, $14.95. Initially my idea was for a quilt to honor some of the women who lived and died on Beaver Creek. I purchased Civil War era reproduction fabric and sketched out my idea. I told a friend, Emma, about the quilt and she and her friend Irma,offered to make it. Several friends suggested that I write a book about these women in conjunction with the quilt, so I did! The quilt was part of the Penrose Centennial exhibits at the Wells Fargo Bank in Penrose in 2009.  The book includes photos of each woman and photos of the quilting bee. The third edition was published in 2010, with a new "Historical Background" section and sixteen additional pages of historical photos of women, children and families.  I also offer a program on "Pioneer Women of Beaver Creek." See "My Programs"page for more information.
   "These twenty-five pioneer women traveled across the plains, courageously raised their children, and are all buried on the lonely banks of Beaver Creek...The pioneer women of Beaver Creek left a heritage of faith, courage, and perseverance; gifts that women today also possess. As women, we share the common threads of home, faith and family. FOREWORD by Kathy Uhland, who is the great-great-granddaughter of Mary Hall Lackey, featured in the book."
   "I wish I had written this book! Sherry Johns has penned the perfect compliment to the quilt, honoring the women of Beaver Creek, in 2009...Anyone interested in womens studies, the western frontier, genealogy and southern Colorado history will find this book a delight."
Christie Wright - South Park (Colorado) Historical Society
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