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My delight is to bring to light women's stories from the past and the present through my writing, story-telling and publishing. I am especially drawn to the history of women. I find immense pleasure in seeking out the forgotten women in  history.

         As I've researched and written my books, I have come to know and love the people I write about. Their lives have mostly been forgotten and they want to be remembered; I am simply the conduit to pass on the stories of their lives. 

         Historian Barbara Tuchman defines history as “simply a good story” and I’m convinced there are many good stories about women in history, whether in your own family, in your communities, and throughout the west. Everyone needs to know their heritage in order to appreciate their own place in history.

We need connections to the past to bring balance and peace to our lives. Each of us stand on the shoulders of those who came before, and as such, we have a solemn obligation to make our small corner of the world a better place for all those who come after us. 

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     I'm excited about my new Publishing Company. Click on the link to learn how I can help you publish your memoirs and/or family history.


  I'm also a yoga teacher!
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I've been a great many things in my life - middle school librarian, museum curator and local history exhibitor as well as a substitute teacher and health food store owner.
I'm also a quilter, gardener and an avid reader!

I graduated in 2005 with two Associate Degrees, Associate of Applied Science and Associate of Arts, from Pueblo Community College.

I am a lifetime member of the Price Pioneer Museum Board, a former member of the Fremont County Historical Society and the Belltower Cultural Center. I'm also a member of Women Writing the West and Story Circle Network.

I live at Treehouse Farm in rural Colorado, with my husband Dale. I am the proud mother of nine extraordinary children, twenty-four remarkable grandchildren and three sweet great-grandchildren.         





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